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The Dual State Renegades is made up of coaches focus on skill development.  

Many of them for decades. While aspects of the game have changed, overall, basic

lacrosse skills have not.  We have quietly worked behind the scenes and coached or

provided lacrosse opportunities to some of the areas truly great players.

The Dual State Reneagades is a boys & girls youth lacrosse club program, based in Tyngsboro & Groton, MA. Our organization was formed through the merger of two clubs, the CC Renegades & Dual State Lacrosse, with the purpose of combining resources and establishing a club lacrosse environment and an organizational culture that shares a healthy perspective on youth sports. 

Our main objective is to provide youth lacrosse players the opportunity to receive elite-level coaching, compete against elite-level competition and reach their highest potential and .  The Dual State Renegades are committed to the long-term development of our players and this model allows us to develop not only fundamentally skilled, high IQ, elite-level lacrosse players but also complete, highly trained, multi-sport athletes.

We at the Dual State Renegades believe that the traditional evaluation process of pay-show up-scrimmage is a disservice to players, their families, and evaluators alike.  Players receive no value in terms of coaching or skill development. In addition, the process deprives us as evaluators the ability to identify the best individuals for our program.           



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