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Evaluating Players

At Dual State Renegades we look to identify three key traits in in our players before we even consider a player’s talent on the lacrosse field. They are:

1. Character

2.  Coachability

3.  Work Ethic

Without these three, talent doesn’t matter!

To better provide value to all prospective players and their families Dual State Renegades will be using our offered skill development clinics as a platform to evaluate potential players.


Coachability is the willingness to be corrected and to act on that correction.

While much of the fun and excitement of summer/fall lacrosse comes from competing in tournaments, at Dual State Renegades we recognize that the hours spent.


Practices are what truly make the difference in player development. We pride ourselves as an organization in delivering more practice hours than any other club lacrosse team. In order to use this practice time to help players in reaching their potential, coachability is a must.


Style of Play
At Dual State Renegades we push our players to play a fun, fast paced style of lacrosse. Not all players are immediately accustomed to this style and we understand that we need to help players move beyond the limits of their normal comfort zone. Part of coachability is the willingness to step beyond this comfort zone, into a place where mistakes are made and true learning takes place.


Making and Learning From Mistakes
A key part of coachability is the willingness to take risks and make mistakes. In the words of Coach John Wooden, “If you are not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything.

I am positive that a doer makes mistakes.” In practice, we strive to teach and develop the lacrosse skills necessary for players to learn from mistakes and begin to succeed when taking these risks.

We want players to learn that it is okay to make mistakes. As well, it is not the mistake that defines you as a player or as a person. Rather, what defines you is what you do next.