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Chumash (3v3 Lacrosse) Rules


Two teams of three players each play the game.  Players are not allowed to use long or goalie sticks.  A single goal will be set up in the middle of the field. The objective is for each team to score on its respective side of the goal. Goals are unprotected, with no goalie, keeping the speed and intensity of the game very high.  It is encouraged that teams be made up of no more than 6 or 7 players . 


The single, two-sided goal in the middle of the field is 6 feet high by 1 foot wide. A goal is scored

when the ball hits the net or when the ball hits ONE post before bouncing away  from the goal.  (180 degrees back to direction of shot origin )

TIME (Chumush shootout 12 minute halves, 30 second TOs)

A 3v3 LAX   game consists of two 12-minute running time halves.  3 minute halftime break.

Each team is allowed one 30 second time-out per game (the game clock will remain running during the timeout. Timeouts are not permitted with 3 minutes or less remaining in each half.

There are no re-start whistles, just pick up the ball and go.   (no officials-see penalties ) 


Substitutions can be made during the course of the game. The outgoing and incoming players must

touch sticks while at least one of the two players is off the field; outgoing player must immediately

exit playing area. Substitutions can happen anywhere around the perimeter of the field, provided it is

not interfering with games at adjacent fields. Substitution violations will result in a Technical foul.


Boys: Stick, Mouthguard, Helmet, and Pads (shoulder, rib, and forearm as desired)

Girls: Stick, Mouthguard, and Eyewear


The 3v3 LAX field is 50 yards long by 25-30 yards wide, (roughly) with the single goal anchored in the middle of a normal size crease.  Normal field rules apply to crease play.   There are TAKE BACK or clearing lines that are 20 yards from the goal line in each direction and extend the width of the field.  After a change of possession, the team  MUST clear the ball over this line before they can shoot.  

There is an elliptical area that extends 10 yards in both directions from the goal line.  Players can play normal offense in this area, (carry, set screens, pick up GB's , etc. )   however, a team can NOT shoot within the ellipse. 



Rock, paper, scissors determines who gets the ball first. The team that wins possession will put the ball in play from behind their  OPPONENTS TAKE BACK/clearing line.   A team will clear and shoot into the net on the same side of the field. 


Each team can use the entire field and there are no offsides. However, a goal can only be scored from

a team’s designated side of the field.   This is also the same side a team must clear the ball over the take back line


When there is a clear change of possession, the team with the ball must pass or carry the ball behind

the TAKE BACK line on their side of the field before they can begin attacking the goal.

If a team fails to pass or carry the ball beyond the TAKE BACK before they begin attacking the goal, the ball will be awarded to the other team. The TAKE BACK line does
not establish a “safe” zone.  

After a goal, the ball is put in play by the team who was just scored on.  They MUST be allowed freedom to pick up the loss ball and have no opponent engage them within 5 yards.

If the ball goes out of bounds, either from a shot or pass, the ball is awarded to the opposite team of who last touched the ball.  A missed shot is a turnover (Unlike field lacrosse, the closest person to the ball on a shot does NOT get the ball ) 

Chumash is designed to be as self-regulating as possible to enhance the joy of playing, and to make it

easy to play a real game of lacrosse anytime, anywhere. You don't have to have a referee, but you do

need to exhibit sportsmanship and fair play.

If a call is in question, use a system of alternating possessions. The game was created to be fun and to teach skills and sportsmanship. It is the kind of game we can use to invite the world to play lacrosse with us.  Anybody can play.


When the ball is on the ground in the CREASE AREAS, players from both teams are allowed to be in this area to gain possession of the ball.

When there is a clear change of possession the team with the 
ball must pass or carry it back to the TAKE BACK line in front of their goal, much like 3 on 3 basketball. If a team fails to do this the ball is awarded to the other team (see below).

Players from the team that does not have possession of the ball (“defensive players”) are allowed to be in the CREASE AREAS but only if they are continually moving through it. A defensive player cannot take a position to defend the goal while in the CREASE AREAS.

A CREASE AREAS violation by a 
defensive player will result in a technical foul (see below). 

Players from the team in possession of the ball (“offensive players”) may not stop in or shoot from inside the CREASE AREAS Per the above, any player may enter either crease area when the ball is on the ground and the players are attempting to gain control.

A CREASE AREAS violation by an 
offensive player (e.g., stopping in or shooting from outer crease, stepping in inner crease) will result in a change of possession.


There are no rules governing time for ball advancement, etc. 5 yard (1 meter for girls) rule strictly enforced on inbounds play, interference, etc. The integrity with which you play brings honor to the game.


A change of possession will occur on all technical fouls and offensive CREASE AREA or shooting within ellipse violations.


Technical fouls are interference, holding, pushing, and defensive CREASE AREA violations.  A technical foul will result in a “man down” situation and the offending player will go to the sidelines and remain there until one of the following events have occurred:

a) The opposing team has taken one shot.

b) The offending player’s team gains possession of the ball.

c) The opposing team scores a goal. 


Personal fouls are illegal body checking, slashing, tripping, and cross-checking, based on age-division appropriate interpretations. Any touch or “Brush” of an opponent’s head or face with a stick or arm is also an automatic Personal foul.

A personal foul will result in a “man down” situation and the 
offending player will go to the sidelines and remain there until one of the following events have occurred:

d) The opposing team has taken two shots.

e) The offending player’s team gains possession of the ball.

f) The opposing team scores a goal.


Penalty time and Enforcement

Time served will be 45 running  seconds-Technical. 

Time served will be 90 running seconds- Personnel.   Time starts as soon as player in the penalty box. 

Re-starts will start at the top of the ellipse in Man Up's side of the field.

Penalities are released on the following conditions:

1. Goal Scored

2. Man down or penalized team clears the ball successfully

3. Man up team takes two shots

4.  Penalty Time is up or halftime